Mistakes to avoid while Travelling with Family

Mistakes to avoid while Travelling with Family

Mistakes to Avoid while Travelling HDFC Ergo

Vacations are for spending quality time with your family. Taking a break allows you and your family to create memories that last up to a lifetime. A family vacation lets you relax and experience new things. After the tumultuous years of covid, tourism has spiked again, and people are exploring more unique destinations. Places are flooded with people and getting bookings has become a difficult task.

The major success of a family holiday depends on the plan of action. Whether the mountains, the beach, or going abroad, a fixed itinerary and secured travel insurance make a trip memorable. Family vacations are the perfect time to explore different parts of the world and connect. In the fast-paced times when mobiles phone is an addiction, family vacations give you that much-required quality time together. However, as much as you plan perfectly for your vacation, sometimes a few mistakes can ruin the trip's happiness.

Here is a list of factors that you should keep in mind to avoid making the usual mistakes that people make while traveling with family:

1. Consider everyone's interests:

All family members have different inclinations and are primarily of varying age groups. Hence the likings of everyone change from member to member. Therefore, it's a good idea to consider everyone's preferences so that the trip will be a happy memory. It's also wise to choose a destination rich in its culture to keep the elderly occupied. The goal should be equipped with ample kids' entertainment zones to keep the tot’s bubbly and excited through the holiday. Involving the family in the planning phase of choosing the destination keeps the spirits high and avoids confusion and meltdowns regarding the goal.

2. Plan your budget:

While a family trip might sound like an exciting one but is very important to consider the budget before choosing the destination and finalizing hotel bookings. Timely decisions about the final destination help you to book in advance. The bookings are usually given discounted rates, and scrolling through websites may also help you get fair discounts. This can help you put the money into desirable hotel bookings making your trip a smooth one.

3. Overscheduling:

Excitement of travelling with family leads to generally overscheduling activities throughout the day. Shopping sprees through the day while enjoying fancy eateries throughout the night exhausts you and makes the kids cranky. Scheduling too many hours in a day also cramps the holiday so that one requires a holiday even after returning from a holiday. Kids carry huge expectations while travelling; hence, they tend to overtire themselves in one go. It's a good idea to keep the first day of your trip a little light to help you get accustomed to the time difference. Kids also need time to relax and get adjusted to jet lag. More extensive tours should be planned in the mornings and easy to go in the evening to give you enough time to rest and enjoy the next day of the trip. Managing your time, expectations, and to-do list is one of the best ways to maximize the enjoyment of family vacations.

4. Keeping Lesser time gaps between connecting flights:

Travelling with kids never goes according to the plan made. There are time gaps and lapses in almost everything. One of the essential thumb rules is to keep extra time for everything. Connecting flights are usually scheduled at shorter intervals, and it becomes a tedious task to catch them with tiny tots keeping in mind their feeding times, cranky hours, and in-between changes.

Elders who need assistance also find it tough to navigate through airports in a rush to catch the connecting flight. Hence while booking the flight, one needs to pay close attention to the connecting flight schedule. It's a wise decision to take a flight which is least separated with a gap of 1.5 hours. Despite taking into consideration the time gaps, sometimes a flight is missed. The insurance is a cover-up for the financial loss, and it can replenish by securing the trip with travel insurance. It saves the nightmare of cutting on the trip before even starting it.

5. Forgetting to get travel insurance:

While planning a family vacation, travel insurance is the most critical document in your packed bags. Travel insurance secures your family trip from unwanted disasters like the loss of baggage, and medical conditions, reimbursing the cost of a missed flight and hotel cancellations in case the flight is delayed. Travel insurance makes your trip hassle-free. Traveling with adults and children comes with its challenges. While the elderlies are susceptible to medical conditions on board. The risk of missing the flight becomes higher with a tiny tot. Excess luggage is another hindrance to easy travel while travelling with family. The insurance ensures any damage to your baggage and reclaims the lost property value.

Choosing a travel insurance policy is now an easy task as opposed to it being cumbersome earlier. With one click on the laptop, various agencies with comprehensive guidelines help you to choose the best travel insurance plan, in minutes. 

6. Buy travel insurance after rigorous research:

With markets flooded with so many insurance companies, it's rather tough to keep going from one office to another to find the best travel insurance policy suiting you the best. However, with the advent of technology, it has become relatively easier to find the best-suited policies online. Besides the ease of finding the best possible coverage, online portals give details like discounts and offers. When choosing a policy online, it is essential to compare it with all the policies available. The insurance policy document that is available online should be read carefully and thoughtfully before finalizing the policy.

It is essential that you keep in mind the aforementioned factors before you plan your hotel and flight bookings. This is to ensure that you travel in peace with your family and that your gain the maximum possible fun out of your family trip, without straining yourself or your family members.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purposes only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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