Udaipur’s maiden Tribal Festival - What are the arrangements for Kotra Mahotsav

Udaipur’s maiden Tribal Festival - What are the arrangements for Kotra Mahotsav

Separate buses will be operated for Media personnel and Tourists for the Kotra Mahotsav (Festival) beginning on 27 September

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Arrangements for the maiden Tribal Festival in Udaipur region are in place and being monitored by the District Collector, Tarachand Meena, under whose initiative this festival has been launched.

The Kotra Mahotsav will take place from September 27 to 29. The District Collector has launched this festival to raise awareness of the area's culturally rich tribal culture, their traditions, and their folklore. Promotion of Rural Tourism in the region is another aspect to this event, as once awareness of the tribal belt is augmented, tourism will flow.

In addition to the arrangements made previously, which included parking facilities, stall locations, visitor arrival and exit routes, precautions in case of overcrowding, and accommodation for folk artists many new arrangements have been added to control the logistics and entertainment facilities.

The administration will arrange 25 buses to transport tourists to the destination. Kotra will offer accommodation for those who choose to stay there. The district administration is estimating an inflow of nearly 10,000 people across the three days of the festival.

Separate buses will be made available for Tourists and Media Personnel - 

Tourists will visit places like Alsigarh, Jhadol, Panarwa among others. Panarwa Forest department has planned adventurous activities organized by the government for tourists. They will have access to thrilling excursions including trekking, tree walks, water rolling, the Naal Sandol Zipline, and many more. Additionally, a food court has been set up, where Rajasthani cuisine, viz. Daal Batti, Rabb, Mewadi Daal, Bajra roti, seasonal vegetable curries, buttermilk, and snacks like Pakoda, Fritters along with tea and milk will be offered.

This will be the first grand Tribal Festival to be held in Rajasthan for which elaborate arrangements are being made by the government. The purpose of facilitating this type of event in the tribal area is to increase Udaipur's tourism appeal outside of the city and to extend it to the region's abundant flora and fauna.




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