LHB coaches for Udaipur-Shalimar Express

LHB coaches soon in Shalimar Express train.

LHB coaches for Udaipur-Shalimar Express

Udaipur-Shalimar-Udaipur Weekly Express will have a new look with LHB coaches soon. 18th May onwards, Shalimar Express will start operating with its new LHB coaches instead of the regular traditional coaches.

The Shalimar Express train will don 16 LHB coaches. There will be 1 Second AC, 2 Third AC, 7 Sleeper coaches, 4 General coaches and 2 power car coaches. As per railway officers, 10 years back some coaches were made by Research Designs and Standard Organisations. The speciality of these coaches is that they don’t climb over each other and do not crash. These coaches were named as Linke Hoffman Busch (LHB) coaches after the designer himself who hailed from Germany. During derailment or collision, these coaches do not climb on the adjacent coaches because of CBC or Centre Buffer Coupling.

Also these LHB coaches are equipped with controlled discharge toilet system and bio toilets. For efficient braking, LHB coaches have advanced pneumatic disc brake system.

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