Leopard Safari approved at Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, 60km from Udaipur

Leopard Safari approved at Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, 60km from Udaipur

Botanical Garden under construction on Jaisamand road will add to the new tourism destinations of Udaipur 

Jaisamand sanctuary

A Leopard Safari approved in the Jaisamand Sanctuary is expected to open in either December 2022 or February 2023. The Chief Wildlife Warden of Rajasthan has approved the Leopard Sanctuary.  Jaisamand Lake, often referred to as Dhebar Lake, near Udaipur in Rajasthan, is the second-largest manmade lake in India. Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary, which is also a major tourist destination, surrounds the area of Jaisamand Lake. Wildlife tourism in the area will get a substantial boost due to opening of the Leopard Safari.

Preparations in final stages

32 Gypsies will operate across two shifts in the Leopard Safari, as per the approved arrangement. Every vehicle will be a registered vehicle and the routes of the gypsies have also been finalized. The final stages of creating grassland for Leopards in this sanctuary have been going on and are in the final stages.  Additionally, a 4.5 acre area near the Dhimda Gate has been created with a 16 foot high enclosure for the animals. In the sanctuary, visitors will be able to sight Chinkara, Sambhar Deer and Bears apart from the Leopard. A botanical garden is being built on Jaisamand Road. As a result, the route between Udaipur and Jaisamand will now include an additional stop. 


sambar deer

There will be a track of 20 km from Dhimda gate to Nandvi village for accessing the Leopard Safari in the sanctuary. Apart from this, about 14 km long new track has also been prepared till Palodara via Piladar lake. 



A visit to the Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary enables up-close encounters with a variety of animals in their natural settings. In order to protect the family, Chital, Chinkara, and Sambhar Deer will be taken from the outdoors and placed within the enclosure. Once the family has grown, they will be released into the sanctuary.

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