Update on Udaipur Airport Shutdown - Services Restored

Update on Udaipur Airport Shutdown - Services Restored

The announcement of resumption of normal operations was made at 6:30am today through the official Twitter account of the #UdaipurAirport - @AirportUdaipur

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The Udaipur Airport, which was closed to services for the entire day on Monday, 3 May has resumed operations early today morning. The official Twitter account of the facility announced today morning at 5am that the services of the airport were restored and all flights have resumed their scheduled operations.


The Maharana Pratap Airport at Dabok, Udaipur, faced a temporary glitch in operations due to maintenance work on the runway on 3 May, due to which all incoming and outgoing flights were suspended. This sudden announcement caused all flight plans to be disrupted, and all outgoing passengers who had connecting flights or urgent travel, headed for the nearest airport at Ahmedabad (which is 5 hours road journey) to look at alternative options.

Editorial view: Winter fog and heavy rains or snow have been regular reasons for airports across the world to call off operations for a few hours. However, this was arguably the first time that runway maintenance led to the entire airport being shutdown for an entire day.  Such an incident might not go down well with the intent of getting an international airport status for the Maharana Pratap Airport, which was looking like a not so distant possibility.

We will be updating the version of the Airport authorities in this post in due course.

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