The Big Joys of a Small City - Udaipur's famous lakes overflow in a single day

 The Big Joys of a Small City - Udaipur's famous lakes overflow in a single day

 The Monsoon of 2022 has been overwhelming for the City of Lakes, with the major water bodies in Udaipur reaching capacity levels
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Fatehsagar, Swaroop Sagar, Pichhola, Udaisagar

Four of the major lakes of Udaipur, viz. Fatehsagar, Pichhola, Swaroop Sagar and Udaisagar have reached capacity levels even as the monsoon continues to water the region with its full zeal.

The much awaited annual opening of the dam gates (Paal Chaadar) at Fatehsagar took place early today morning at 9, when the flood gates were opened to let the water flow into the Ayad river, leading to Udaisagar, 15 km from Udaipur city. Earlier late night on 12 August, the triple gates of Swaroop Sagar situated less than a kilometer from Fatehsagar were raised as well.

swaroop sagar

Udaisagar, which is situated nearly 15 kilometers from the city centre and is the recipient of the overflow from both Swaroop Sagar and Fatehsagar was already filled to capacity. The opening of the gates at Fatehsagar was immediately followed by raising two flood gates at Udaisagar.


A couple of days ago, water from Fatehsagar was released to Pichhola, which was a one off event of its kind. Usually the overwhelming Pichhola supplies water to Fatehsagar. However with good rains in the pre-monsoon season, Fatehsagar happened to raise its level above Pichhola, causing a reverse flow. The incoming waters to Pichhola from Sisarma yesterday led to closing the feed from Fatehsagar and then the main flood gate of Fatehsagar was opened to let the water flow into Ayad.

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