A new era in Indian Railways-Tejas Express in a new modified look

A new era in Indian Railways-Tejas Express in a new modified look

Tejas Express has been modified and the new modern look oozes out luxury.
A new era in Indian Railways-Tejas Express in a new modified look

-The modifications include technology and comfort.

-Passengers will now experience a lavish world class comfort in the 'new' Tejas.

When you think of travelling, flights come to your mind for quick and easy transport. But there are some places which only a train can take you. All you think of in a train is comfort because then travel becomes more memorable. To provide the passengers with all the comfort and modern technology, Indian railways has entered a new era and modified one of its express trains in jaw dropping look and rolled out a few coaches on 15th Feb’21.

Tejas Express has been modified to match the world class standards in train travel. The modifications will fill your heat with pleasure and satisfaction to a great extent. Indian Railways is in the process of modifying this sleeper train so that passengers experience all the comforts of the modern era in the advanced sleeper coaches.

It is being planned to make 500 such coaches in this financial year. Initially these coaches will be added to the premium and important trains and later they will become a part of the long route trains.  Let us what smart features these new coaches will have.

Automatic plug doors: All the entry doors of Tejas will have automatic plug doors, the controls of these doors will be with the guard of the train. Unless the doors close, the train will not move ahead.

CCTV: The coaches will have CCTV connections which work even when the lights are switched off. The cameras are equipped with high technology facial recognition even in dim lights. The cameras have a network video recorder as well.

World class facilities: The coaches are equipped with modern technology bio-vaccuum toilets in extreme contrast to what the normal toilets are. If the toilet is in use, you will get to know while you are still on your seat in the coach as the coaches are equipped with notification sensors. The toilets have touchless fittings, anti-graffiti coating, lights that are connected with the door knob (the moment you touch the door knob, the toilet will be illuminated). Isn’t this a much wanted part of a train?

Now let us see what the interior of the coach will be like!! The interiors have been significantly improved, the seats and berth are made of PU foam, the windows have roller blinders which were until now available only in AC coaches. Every passenger gets his own individual mobile charging point and his own set of reading lights. The coaches also have an emergency talk-back facility system. A good fire fighting system is also a part of these new coaches.

With these modifications, trains will certainly be preferred more for long route travels as comfort during longer journeys is most desired for. It may be noted that the coaches are being manufactured at Integral Coach Factory and Modern Coach Factory.

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