AgriTourism facility for tourists in Udaipur

AgriTourism facility for tourists in Udaipur

Agri Tourism will now be promoted in Lake City.

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AgriTourism facility for tourists in Udaipur

Government is taking steps towards creating Agri Tourism facility for tourists in Udaipur. Agriculture Minister Prabhu Lal Saini said that tourists coming to Udaipur will get the opportunity of staying with farmers in the villages.

Tourists will get the advantage of learning a lot about villages, forest, food habits and farming while staying in villages. Government is making arrangements for the stay and safety of tourists in rural areas.

This step will have a positive impact on the farmers. Their source of income will increase since they will be providing accommodation and food. Also tourists will get an altogether different experience. Government is making agendas for developing Agri Tourism to promote tourism as well as make it an area of earning for the rural areas.

The Agriculture Minister specified that if this project succeeds and picks up popularity, then Udaipur will be the first district in Rajasthan to set the trend of Agri Tourism. Every year Lake City Udaipur sees a lot of tourists, who are keen to go towards villages and love to be in natural environment.

There are plans of making biscuits from bajra( pearl millet). Bajra is grown on 42 lakh hectares; hence making biscuits from bajra is going to be an experiment in itself.

AgriTourism facility for tourists in Udaipur

Villages will also hold cultural nights for the tourists. Tourists will get the benefit of makki ki roti made in villages. The cultural programs will make the tourists aware of the local culture. Every year the growing number of tourists in Udaipur is motivating enough for Agri Tourism. While visiting places like Kumbhalgarh, bio-diversity park, Ubeshwar ji , the tourists pass through rural areas as well. Hence developing Agri Tourism will prove to be an attraction for Lake City Udaipur. The popularity of Udaipur as an Agri Tourism spot will give it new dimensions on world tourist map.

(Agritourism defined most broadly involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm)

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