Air fare hike-Flight tariff from Udaipur has almost doubled up

Air fare hike-Flight tariff from Udaipur has almost doubled up

10 to 30 percent hike approved by Ministry of Civil Aviation
Air fare hike-Flight tariff from Udaipur has almost doubled up

-Flights had gone cheaper in the wake of covid.

-The tariff has been increased w.e.f 16th Feb.

The numbers of people flying from Udaipur are increasing, so are the flights. This is not the end. Tariff has also been increased and the flights are now costing almost double of what they were costing earlier.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has given its approval for the hike in flight tariff and this has led to the doubling up of tariff. 10 to 30 percent hike has been approved and the passengers must book their tickets one month prior to their journey to avail cheaper flights.

The tariff has been segregated in 7 bands. The 1st band comprises of flights that reach the destination in less than 40 minutes for which the lower limit has been decided at 2200 rupees (earlier 2000 rupees), the upper limit is 7800 rupees (earlier 6000 rupees). The other bands have flights between 40 to 60 min, 60-90 min, 90-120 min, 120-150 min, 150-180 min and 180-210 min. The more the flying time, the more the fare.

A comparative chart of the tariffs of the flights taking off from Udaipur:

Destination         Previous tariff                   Revised tariff

Delhi                      2800-4500                          3000-8500

Mumbai                  3500-4500                           4000-9500

Jaipur                    2800-4000                           3000-8000

Hyderabad             4000-5500                            6000-12000

Bengaluru              7000-9000                            7500-10000

Ahmedabad            2500-3000                            2600-3200

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