Ban on direct flights from India to Canada extended

Ban on direct flights from India to Canada extended

The ban which was to be lifted in August has been extended until 21st September by Canada. 

Students to be affected as the ban has been extended a number of times. 

Indians can reach Canada only by going to a third country.

Canada has extended the ban on direct flights from India to Canada until 21st September. Now Indians can reach Canada only by travelling to a third country. Of course, that would prove to be extremely expensive.

This is almost the 5th time in the past 4 months that Canada has extended the ban on flights from India leaving the Indian students in a fix. It is actually unthinkable as to how students would travel to their respective universities. Would it not be really expensive for people to go to a third country to gain entry into Canada? The question has cropped up in the minds of many who have been waiting to enter Canada since long.

Canada has taken this step to contain the spread of Covid-19 but this would affect the students in a big way. The decision of lifting the ban would be reviewed before after 21st September. The students would be required to obtain a negative report from the third country which they travel to, to reach Canada and not from India. Another important point to be noted is that the third country has to be on the approved list of Canada. Also, that they will have to stay in that third country for 14 days.

Canada has however allowed entry to people from United States which has reported new Covid cases crossing 1 lakh but India has not been considered.

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