Best trekking places to explore in Udaipur

Best trekking places to explore in Udaipur

Udaipur is more than historical palaces, lakes, hotels and traditional markets...

Best Trekking Places in Udaipur and its outskirts

Udaipur is a land of historical places, culture and traditions. The city is a major tourist destination. Mewar’s capital Udaipur, attracts many people from across the world. The city offers historical palaces, hotels, lakes and traditional markets. But, Udaipur is much more than this. There are several trekking places which are beautiful on their own. Some of the trekking places are located in the city and some are located in the outskirts of the city. The serenity of Aravalli mountains is cherry on the top which adds beauty to the city.

Here’s the list of trekking places you can explore:

Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary: Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary is best for adventures and also you can find excellent trekking points. Sajjangarh is a salient part of Sajjangarh Palace built-in 1884 You can trek from Gorilla Point to Tiger Lake. Sajjangarh sanctuary has a rich variety of flora and fauna. The sanctuary has a variety of animals such as Sambar Deer, Jackal, Panther, Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Wild Boars and Four-horned antelopes. Also, the sanctuary has 450 plant species. 

Sajjangarh wildlife Sanctuary

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace

Kumbhalgarh Trekking: The second longest wall in the world after the Great Wall of China, Kumbhalgarh is extended up to 38 km. The fort has 7 fortified gates and has around 300 ancient Hindu and Jain temples. It is the destination for History lovers as the fort has many childhood tales of Prince Udai Singh. The place has Wild Boars, Sloth Bears, Leopards, Antelopes and numerous birds. Thadiberi Walk: It is a four hours walk from a downhill/plain forest area and will lead you to Maudi Khet. Maudi Khet area will give a view of Kumbhalgarh Fort. Afterwards, the way will take you ahead at a tribal village called “Kharni,” which is home to the Bhil tribe. The next destination to visit is “Thandi Beri” (Crocodiles Lake), a water pond where you can witness crocodiles. 

Kumbalgarh sanctuary

Kumbalgarh fort

Kumbhalgarh to Ranakpur trek: This is a 10 km trek which starts from Futadhaval. This trek will take you to a dense forest area and you can spot various animals there. On this route you will come across various caves of Lord Ganesha. There will come a checkpoint where you will discover the border separating Mewar and Marwar regions of Rajasthan and after that you will reach the famous Jain Temple of Ranakpur. 

Ranakpur Temple

Kumbalgarh to Ranakpur Trekking

Bahubali Hill: Bahubali Hill is another trekking destination which is becoming famous among Udaipur city’s locals as well as tourists. Situated in the hometown of Udaipur, Bahubali Hill is located 15 kms from the city at Badi Lake. It is an easy trekking place surrounded by hills from three sides of the Badi Lake. 

Bahubali Hills

Rayta Hills: The place is surrounded by lush green Aravalli mountains and is located just around 18 kms from Udaipur City railway station. The best time you can visit this place is during Monsoon. Further, you can visit “Alsigarh” which is a dam and also you can witness a hidden waterfall. 

Rayta Hills

Rayta Hills Udaipur

Neemach Mata Temple: Adjacent to the Fateh Sagar Lake, Neemach Mata is a temple on the hills. It is a short trek and by reaching the top of the hill you will witness a picturesque view of the city. This temple is located in the Dewali area of Udaipur and has both stairs and slopes to climb. It is around 900 meters long.

Neemach Mata

Ubeshwar: Ubeshwar trek starts with Ubeshwar Ji Temple. While trekking you will come across villages and you will get a chance to interact with the local villagers there. Ubeshwar is also a picnic spot where Udaipur residents and nearby local people of the area also visit. The best time to visit the place is during the rainy season.

Ubeshwar temple

Goram Ghat: Goram Ghat is situated in Kachhbali village, Deogarh in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. The trek is a hilly area of Aravalli Hills, situated at a height of 900 meters. You will travel through these routes by train which was constructed in 1932 by Englishmen with the help of Maharana of Mewar. The train crosses 2 tunnels and 172 small and large bridges. Waterfall of 50 feet wide and 500 meters high, lies deeper in the heart of Goram Ghat. The area has small waterfalls. The place is also the best for picnic spots. Goram Ghat’s most amazing trek is behind the railway station which goes up to the Gorakhnath Temple. The trek also leads to wards Bagor Ki Nal near an ancient village “Old Phulad.” 

Goram Ghat

Goram Ghat


Jaisamand Sanctuary and Lake: Jaisamand is the second largest artificial lake in Asia. The lake is located at a distance of 48 kms from Udaipur city. Maharana Jai Singh built this lake during construction of Gomti River. It contains seven islands which are inhabited by Bhil Tribal people. Jaisamand Sanctuary is close to Jaisamand lake and is habitat to various types of animals such as deer, birds, panthers, leopards, wild boars and crocodiles. You can also explore “Hawa Mahal.” 

jaisamand sanctuary and lake



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