Explore Dubai in Minutes: Air Taxis at Your Service in 2025

Explore Dubai in Minutes: Air Taxis at Your Service in 2025

The minimum cost for traveling in the aerial taxis is expected to be AED 350 Dirhams per person

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Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to enhance urban transportation by introducing an innovative electric air taxi, aiming to completely change how people commute within the city. Dubai has recently debuted a pioneering air taxi service, which signifies a notable advancement in urban transportation.The minimum cost for traveling in the aerial taxis is Air Taxi service provides rapid and secure transportation, connecting various destinations across the Emirate in just 10 minutes. Expected to debut by late 2025.


Characteristics of Dubai’s air taxis

The air taxis combine the vertical take-off and landing capabilities of a helicopter with the smooth flying comfort of an airplane. They will operate at altitudes ranging from 500 to 1000 meters, which will vary depending on the specific route. For longer routes, taxis will fly at higher altitudes to improve efficiency, whereas for shorter routes, they will fly at lower altitudes to enhance safety. Joby Aviation, a well-known U.S. aviation company, will operate air taxis that place utmost emphasis on ensuring passenger safety and comfort. 

Expert pilots will undergo intensive training lasting 6 to 8 weeks to guarantee a smooth and safe journey for all passengers. Passengers can reserve the air taxis using a specialized mobile app developed by Joby Aviation, which is designed to smoothly connect with popular ride-sharing and car-booking apps like Uber. Each air taxi comes with integrated luggage storage and has a capacity for four passengers in addition to one pilot.Furthermore, the cutting-edge charging infrastructure allows for a quick full recharge in just 10 minutes. After landing, ground personnel swiftly connect the taxis to charging stations, minimizing downtime effectively.

Source - TOI

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