Electrification of Udaipur-Ajmer rail track faces an obstruction

Electrification of Udaipur-Ajmer rail track faces an obstruction

Rail overbridge (ROB) poses to be an obstruction 
Electrification of Udaipur-Ajmer rail track faces an obstruction
The height of ROB has proved to be a hurdle in the electrification of Udaipur-Ajmer railway track.

The rail overbridge (ROB) at Udaipur-Ajmer railway track has become an obstruction in the electrification work of Udaipur-Ajmer track. It may be noted that the Udaipur-Ajmer railway track is 315 kms long.

The ROB has got a low height and this is becoming an obstruction in spreading the electric line though the engineers are trying to find a solution for this issue. There is  a rail overbridge between Ajmer and Adarsh Nagar which is very old and the height of this bridge is much less than required for spreading the electric lines. The engineers have lowered the railway track to the best possible extent. A report was sent to CRS regarding this. The electrification work will begin only after CRS gives its approval.

Rajasthan is lagging behing in the railway electrification work. The states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal are much ahead in this respect. Once Udaipur-Ajmer electrification work is done, it will connect the other stations as well. 

It may also be noted that if CRS does not give its approval, then the ROB will have to be reconstructed. This will also result in delay of electrification work. The electrification work is going on since past 3 years and public is waiting for this development work to complete soon. Hoping that the report sent to CRS will get a clearance at the earliest. 

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