Switzerland allows entry of fully vaccinated people from India

Switzerland allows entry of fully vaccinated people from India

Covid test/quarantine not required for those who are fully vaccinated.

The Federal Council of Public Health informed that people who just recovered from Covid, or have been fully vaccinated do not need a neagtive report or a quarantine period for entry in Switzerland.

The only point is that the vaccination provided to these people must offer good protection.

The Federal Council of Public Health, Switzerland, after the relaxation of Covid restrictions announced that people from countries where covid variants are emerging, eg. India will be allowed to enter Switzerland if they are fully vaccinated or have recovered from covid.

The government also announced that these people will not be required to furnish covid negative report and will not even be subject to quarantine in the country. The only major point is that the vaccination that they have been provided offers a good protection.

People who have not recovered from Covid, people who have not been vaccinated must furnish a negative report and also be subject to quarantine. The Swiss government also said that Covid certificates will be permitted as supporting documents in case of international travel.

A Covid certificate allows people to resume certain activities and serves as evidence that an individual is either protected against the virus or it is highly unlikely that he or she is infectious.

(media reports)

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