Flights suffer due to no visibility on runway

Flights suffer due to no visibility on runway

Flights suffer due to bad weather.

Flights suffer due to no visibility on runway

Ockhi has freezed life everywhere. The cyclone has caused a gross drop in temperatures making people stay indoors in the not-so-warm houses. More so even flights suffered yesterday. This condition may prolong as state by met department.

Bad weather created a no-visibility zone on the runway at Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur. The flight coming from Mumbai to Udaipur in the evening could not land since the runway was not visible at all. It had to be diverted to Ahmedabad.

Returning to Udaipur skies, the flight hovered a long time. The pilots somehow managed to get the plane down and finally landed at the airport. Jet Airways Boeing had reached Udaipur skies at the scheduled time of 1830 hours. It took four rounds trying to locate the runway. ATC had to ask the pilot to take the flight to Ahmedabad since there was no visibility here. At 1920 hours, the flight reached Ahmedabad airport. Around 2100 hours, Jet Airways took off from Ahmedabad and reached Udaipur at 2140 hours. But the condition was not at all favourable for landing. The pilot took four rounds in the sky before finally landing at 2155 hours.

Supreme Airline flight coming from Jaipur to Udaipur at 2030 hours was cancelled due to bad weather. Even CM Vasundhara Raje could not go to Gujarat and returned to Jaipur. Her chopper took off for Banaskantha in Gujarat from Maharana Pratap Airport, but it had to be landed back in Udaipur due to unfavourable weather conditions. From here she left for Jaipur in a special flight.

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