Udaipur anticipates arrival of 35 new city buses

Udaipur anticipates arrival of 35 new city buses

Demand for additional city buses due to overcrowding...

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In Udaipur, the City Transport Service, managed from the regional headquarters, is leading the way in offering affordable and convenient transportation options for the public. The city buses operating on five different routes, helping around 20,000 to 25,000 people commute each day. Despite the government's assurance in the budget announcement to add 35 more buses in Udaipur due to the growing demand, the actual procurement process for these buses has not started yet. The arrival of these buses with the new government remains uncertain.

This delay raises concerns about fulfilling the promised improvements in the city's transportation services. Notably, Udaipur city has been assigned 35 new buses, comprising 30 with a length of 9 meters and 5 with a length of 12 meters. The tender for purchase of buses has not been issued further delaying the process. 

In line with the government's announcement, the addition of 35 new buses would bring the city's total to 61 buses, significantly enhancing the travel experience for passengers across all routes. Presently, the city is operating 26 buses, but they frequently face issues of overcrowding. The demand for new buses is particularly high on routes where city buses are currently not in operation. 

Udaipur Has Better Bus Transport Facility Than Other Cities

Udaipur stands out as the state's exemplar in efficient public transportation. The city's unique system charges passengers a nominal fare for city bus travel, differing from other regions where the state government imposes additional per-kilometer fees. What distinguishes Udaipur's system is that the government bears no extra costs. Private operators manage all buses, handling responsibilities such as fuel and manpower. This contrasts with other areas where these burdens become the government's responsibility. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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