Udaipur's Gulab Bagh: Boating Delayed at Kamal Talai

Udaipur's Gulab Bagh: Boating Delayed at Kamal Talai 

Three stations are proposed for Toy Train in Gulab Bagh...

Gulab Bagh Kamal Talai

Nearly nine months ago, amidst much anticipation, plans were announced to introduce boating at Kamal Talai in Gulab Bagh. However, despite eager expectations, visitors find themselves still waiting for the promised boating experience. Once adorned with lotuses, Kamal Talai's pond now lacks the floral beauty it once held. 

The delay, it appears, stems from administrative hurdles within the Municipal Corporation. Initially, the corporation entrusted the operation of pedal boats at Kamal Talai to the firm managing the toy train in Gulab Bagh. However, the corporation's efforts to rectify water leakage issues at Kamal Talai have proven to be a delay. 

Upon completion of the necessary repairs, the firm was expected to operate six pedal boats, enhancing the recreational offerings at Kamal Talai. Yet, the wait for this addition to Gulab Bagh's attractions has stretched on, leaving visitors disappointed and yearning for the promised boating experience.

As the Municipal Corporation grapples with lingering challenges, visitors to Gulab Bagh must continue to await the fulfillment of the promised boating venture at Kamal Talai. Amidst the verdant beauty of this cherished urban retreat, the anticipation for leisurely rides on the tranquil waters remains palpable. 

Toy Train Stations

On June 25, 2023, the Municipal Corporation inaugurated a CNG-based toy train project in Gulab Bagh. The inauguration ceremony was conducted by Gulabchand Kataria, the Governor of Assam. The track spans a circuit of approximately 2 kilometers. As part of the new toy train project in Gulab Bagh, three stations have been proposed. The primary station is situated near the garden, opposite to the Bagh entrance. This station serves as the starting point for tourists embarking on their journey via the toy train. The second station is located near the old toy train station, adjacent to the Bird Park. Here, tourists can disembark to explore the Bird Park and then re-board the train for their return journey. The third station will be constructed at Kamal Talai, providing tourists with the opportunity to embark and disembark for boating activities. Additionally, a cafeteria will be established at this station to cater to the refreshment needs of tourists. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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