How to Plan Your India Trip with Children

How to Plan Your India Trip with Children

India is one of the most children friendly holiday destinations in the world and the culture inspires intimacy of familial relations. It is an educational trip, which instills a sense of wonder in a child of any age

How to Plan Your India Trip with Children

A trip to India can seem daunting especially with a child in tow. However, this is not an impossible task. A trip to India with children can be a fun experience if planned well. Here are certain trips to help you prepare for a trip to India with children:

  1. Choice of Route and Transport

While travelling to India one must choose their route and destinations carefully. Long journeys should be avoided and bus journeys should be substituted for train journeys, this often means longer hours but is more comfortable for children. Trains in India are easy to book and bookings can be made up to two months in advance of a journey. Hiring cars or private taxis to travel locally within cities is a good option. People travelling with infants and toddlers must arrange for a ‘baby carrier’ that straps onto your back or front or a pram.

  1. Availability of Food

Though some children may not enjoy Indian food, other food is easily available for children like Indian breads, eggs, plain rice, toast, curd, biscuits, cereal and crackers in most places. Also, western menus are available in most restaurants and western food chains like MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s etc. are present in almost every city. Children should consume only bottled water; tap water and filtered water should be avoided. For the duration of the trip children should be given multivitamins as well.

  1. Climate

Since India is a tropical country the temperature is generally high and the climate is humid, one should make sure that the child is hydrated and protected from the direct sun. Using Sunscreen and mosquito repellant is essential for children. One must avoid being outdoor during summer afternoons especially with children.

  1. Accommodation

On budget trips to India accommodation tends to be in the form of shoe-box hotel rooms which generally do not have facilities for the provision of extra-beds. Most hotels generally accommodate such requests but the same should be checked in advance. A special request should be put in for special meals for children and sterlizing of bottles, extra sheets etc. Most hotels provide in-house babysitting services too which can be availed.

  1. What one must pack

Plan what to pack in advance and in accordance with the weather at the destination. Carry loose cotton clothes, caps and sunglasses for hot places and jackets, socks and study shoes for cooler areas. Carry disposable diapers as Indian made ones may not suit some children, for longer trips consider washable diapers. A medicine kit is an absolute must and it should contain basic medication including fever and flu medicine, Oral rehydration salts, diarrhea medicines, bandages, thermometer and antiseptic spray. Further, make sure that your child is appropriately vaccinated beforehand.

  1. People

People in India are generally friendly, however sometimes the attention given especially to children may scare them; in such cases one must be polite but firm and not allow advances the child is not comfortable with like taking pictures. Furthermore, children should be instructed to not accept food, toys or chocolates from anyone but their parents. Most cities in India are crowded hence one must be absolutely careful with their children and keep a constant eye on them especially in public places.

  1. Activities

Most tourist activities in India are children friendly right from elephant rides to “pujas” in the numerous temples. One can rouse a child’s interest by telling them stories about the sights they visit and attract their attention to the various statues and colors in the temples. Children can also be kept engaged with toys and small board games. To make the most of the trip children can be introduced to basic Hindi and activities that the local children engage in.

Hence India is one of the most children friendly holiday destinations in the world and the culture inspires intimacy of familial relations. It is an educational trip, which instills a sense of wonder in a child of any age.

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