Lion Safari Opening Soon in Udaipur

Lion Safari Opening Soon in Udaipur

Forest Department prepares for arrival of Lion Pair

Lion Safari

The Forest Department in Udaipur is gearing up to introduce a thrilling addition to its wildlife offerings with a new lion safari. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Sajjangarh Biological Park, this safari promises an exhilarating experience for nature enthusiasts and tourists alike.

In a significant development, the Central Zoo Authority has given the green light for bringing a pair of lions from Junagadh, Gujarat, to Udaipur. This move comes as part of the preparations for the lion safari, approved by the authority last month. The journey towards establishing the lion safari began nearly five years ago when proposals for lion and tiger safaris were submitted to the Central Zoo Authority. After a prolonged wait, the authority granted approval in April 2023, paving the way for these exciting additions to Udaipur's wildlife landscape.

Construction Underway for Lion Safari

Preparations for the lion safari are in full swing, with the Forest Department having completed the bidding process and initiated construction work. The project, estimated to cost Rs. 3.45 crore, is set to transform a 26-hectare area behind the Sajjangarh Biological Park into a haven for these majestic big cats.

Mutual Exchange with Junagadh Zoo

As part of the exchange agreement, Udaipur will bid farewell to two pairs of foxes, one pair of jungle cats, two pairs of chitals, one pair of blackbucks, and two pairs of jackals from Sajjangarh Biological Park, which will find a new home at Junagadh Zoo.

Once operational, the lion safari promises an immersive experience lasting between 30 to 45 minutes. Visitors can expect separate ticket sales, with rates to be determined by the Forest Department committee.

Future Plans for Tiger Safari

In addition to the lion safari, plans are underway for a tiger safari on 25.7-hectare land adjacent to the biological park. Details of the proposed tiger safari include a 1450-square-meter road, a 2.1-kilometer visitor path, and expansive green buffers to ensure a harmonious coexistence between wildlife and visitors. Holding areas for the lion safari and ample green buffers are also part of the planned infrastructure.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


As Udaipur eagerly awaits the unveiling of its newest wildlife attraction, anticipation is running high for the captivating experiences that lie ahead at the lion safari and the promising prospects of future tiger encounters.

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