Metre-Gauge Train Discontinued Between Mavli and Kamli Ghat

Metre-Gauge Train Discontinued Between Mavli and Kamli Ghat

Conversion to Broad Gauge Underway

Mavli Kamlighat Metre Gauge Train

In a significant development for rail travel in the region, the only meter-gauge train plying between Mavli and Marwar Junction will cease operations between Mavli and Kamli Ghat starting on April 27,2024. The Mavli-Marwar Passenger Train, with a rich history spanning 88 years, concluded its final journey on April 26, 2024. Passengers bid farewell to this iconic service, which has been a vital link between these two destinations for nearly a century. Despite this discontinuation, the train will continue its operations between Kamli Ghat and Marwar Junction, ensuring continued connectivity for commuters.

The Mavli-Marwar Junction Passenger train, which operated seven days a week, offered a convenient mode of transport covering a distance of 151 kilometers. Making stops at 16 stations along its route, the journey typically lasted for 6 hours. However, with the commencement of the conversion work to broad gauge scheduled to begin on April 27, 2024, significant changes are underway. Presently, the focus lies on converting the Mavli to Devgarh-Madriya route to broad gauge, a stretch spanning 99 kilometers.

While the track from Mavli to Marwar Junction extends over 151 kilometers, it stands as the sole 151-kilometer meter-gauge track in the state. Notably, a section of 52 kilometers ahead of Devgarh-Madriya, encompassing Kamli Ghat, Goram Ghat,Phulad, and Marwar Junction, will remain untouched by the conversion project. Designated as part of the railway's heritage property, this segment holds historical significance. It is worth mentioning that the state inaugurated its inaugural heritage train service between Marwar and Kamli Ghat back in October 2023, showcasing its commitment to preserving its rail heritage. 


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