Udaipur Airport Passengers Face Problems as Ola and Uber Drivers Demand Extra Fare

Udaipur Airport Passengers Face Problems as Ola and Uber Drivers Demand Extra Fare

Various reasons why drivers might demand extra money from passengers


A troubling scenario happens daily at the Maharana Pratap Airport, where passengers relying on Ola and Uber face fare and booking problems. The repeated occurrences of drivers demanding additional fares beyond the app-displayed rates have drawn attention of many people.

Passengers, including both tourists and locals, are facing a frustrating situation at Udaipur's Maharana Pratap Airport. They are encountering Ola and Uber drivers who demand extra money beyond what's shown on the app. These drivers claim they are lost, using that as an excuse to charge more. This leaves passengers feeling taken advantage of and upset.

Response from Authorities

The escalating situation caught the eye of a leading newspaper of Udaipur (Patrika) who began a campaign after which the District Collector Arvind Kumar Poswal addressed the matter urgently. Following this, a series of meetings were convened among relevant authorities, resulting in the seizure of several offending cabs. However, the issue still looms over the airport's reputation. Expressing concern, authorities emphasized the damaging impact of this ongoing issue on Udaipur airport's image.

There are various reasons why drivers might demand extra money from passengers. Firstly, they may feel that the fare displayed on the app won't cover their expenses adequately, leading them to ask for additional payment. Secondly, they could be tempted by having a more profitable ride elsewhere, making them to try asking for extra cash from their current passengers. Finally, some drivers simply desire more money for themselves, seeking to increase their earnings by charging additional fees beyond what is fair. 

People claim that drivers for Ola and Uber might demand extra cash for pickups at Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur, Rajasthan. But, according to an airport booking facilitator, drivers shouldn't charge more than what the app shows. If a driver asks for extra money, passengers can complain against them.

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