Nitin Gadkari inaugurates 11 NH projects in Rajasthan

Nitin Gadkari inaugurates 11 NH projects in Rajasthan

They will also include direct connectivity from Nathdwara to Udaipur Airport...

NH 11 Projects launched by Nitin Gadkari

In a significant development, Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, has recently inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for 11 national highway (NH) projects in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. These projects, with a combined value of Rs 5600 Crore, hold great promise for the region's economic and social progress. Moreover, they will establish direct connectivity from the renowned religious destination of Nathdwara to the Udaipur airport. The Ministry's statement emphasizes that these initiatives will not only bolster the area's infrastructure but also contribute to its overall growth and welfare.

The ceremony marked the inauguration of four national highway (NH) projects, spanning a distance of 219 km and with a total cost of Rs 37.75 billion. Among these projects, the primary objective of the 6-laning initiative on National Highway 48, specifically the Kishangarh to Gulabpura section, is to bolster the economic and social development of Ajmer and Bhilwara districts. By expanding the capacity of the road, this project aims to enhance connectivity and facilitate smoother transportation, benefiting the regions mentioned above. Additionally, the 6-laning of the Gulabpura to Chittorgarh section is expected to improve connectivity between Udaipur, Jaipur, and Kota regions, consequently benefiting Bhilwara and Chittorgarh districts. This strategic expansion of the highway network will contribute to better accessibility and pave the way for increased regional development.

During the ceremony, the foundation stone was laid for seven projects with a cumulative cost of Rs 1,850 Crore, spanning a total distance of 221 km. Notably, among these projects was the development of a direct connection from the revered religious site of Nathdwara to the Udaipur airport. This initiative holds significant importance as it aims to establish a seamless and convenient transportation link between the two locations, catering to the needs of pilgrims and travelers alike. The construction of the Pratapgarh bypass was anticipated to alleviate traffic congestion within the city, providing a much-needed relief to the local commuters. 

Furthermore, special attention was given to improving connectivity in the tribal areas of Udaipur, Dungarpur, and Banswara. The initiatives aimed at enhancing road connectivity in these regions are expected to have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of these areas. Notably, the construction of bypasses in Sangwara and Garhi will play a crucial role in reducing the distance between Dungarpur and Banswara by 10 km, bringing these communities closer and fostering better accessibility and convenience for the residents.

In a commendable move towards wildlife conservation, the development plans also encompassed the construction of thirteen animal underpasses within the Todgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the Beawar-Gomti road. These underpasses are specifically designed to provide safe passage for wildlife, ensuring their protection and minimizing any potential conflicts with vehicular traffic. Furthermore, the ceremony also witnessed the inauguration of a 4-lane Railway Over Bridge (ROB) on National Highway 162A in Fatehnagar. This ROB is expected to play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion at the railway crossing, thereby improving the overall flow of vehicles in the area.

Another notable highlight of the event was the inauguration of a high-level bridge on the Chambal River in Mandrayal, funded under the Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF). This bridge holds immense significance as it will significantly enhance connectivity between Mandrayal in Rajasthan and Sabalgarh in Madhya Pradesh. 


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