Rajasthan Roadways Faces Growing Losses Amid Revenue Shortage

Rajasthan Roadways Faces Growing Losses Amid Revenue Shortage

In Rajasthan, bus conductors are not sure people paid for their bus tickets...

Mobile App launched for Roadways bus bookings

Rajasthan Roadways, the main transport service in the state, is facing big money problems because it is not making enough money. Even though this is a big issue, not much attention is being given to fixing it. One big reason why Roadways is losing money is because passengers aren't paying for tickets. Unlike in Gujarat, where passengers get fined if they don't have a ticket, in Rajasthan, it is the conductors who get in trouble for it. This old way of doing things just keeps letting the money slip away instead of stopping it properly.

In the past, Rajasthan had problems with many people having low literacy rate. Because of this, they weren't strict about making sure people paid for their bus tickets. This leniency continues today, with conductors getting in trouble instead of passengers when they don't pay. But in Gujarat, if you don't have a ticket, you get fined directly, which helps stop the money from being lost.

The roadways department is worried about a problem with how many people work for Rajasthan Roadways. Before, there used to be seven workers on each bus, but now there are only two or three. However, since many government organizations are making a lot of money, Roadways can also start making money. If they start doing things like Gujarat does and hire more permanent workers, they can start making a profit again.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika


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