Record-Breaking Tourism in Udaipur Continues

Record-Breaking Tourism in Udaipur Continues

March Sees Unprecedented Visitor Numbers...

Udaipur Tourists

Udaipur, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, has once again set new tourism records, welcoming an astounding number of visitors in March. According to recent statistics from the Tourism Department, a staggering 1.66 lakh tourists flocked to the city last month, marking a significant milestone as the highest March turnout in over five years. 

Industry insiders attribute this surge to several factors, including the upcoming Mewar Festival (Gangaur) scheduled for April, the conclusion of board exams, and the onset of summer vacations. These factors collectively create a favourable environment for heightened tourist activity in the region.

Of these visitors, 1.46 lakh were domestic tourists, highlighting a burgeoning interest among local travellers. Additionally, the city attracted 20,634 foreign tourists, showcasing its global appeal as a premier tourist destination.

The surge in March tourism numbers comes as a pleasant surprise, especially considering that it typically marks the end of the tourist season. Despite this, there was an impressive increase of 2,771 tourists compared to February, indicating a promising trend for the industry.

March also witnessed a notable shift in tourist data, with a rise in domestic tourists coupled with a slight decrease in foreign visitors compared to February. The Tourism Department reported an increase of 3,700 domestic tourists, while foreign tourist numbers decreased by 929.

The city's post-pandemic recovery efforts have been notably successful, with March tourism numbers consistently on the rise since 2022. Particularly noteworthy is the surge in foreign tourist arrivals, marking the highest numbers in March in the past five years since 2020. In the span of three months this year, Udaipur has welcomed a total of 538,000 tourists, averaging over 5,916 arrivals per day.

According to industry experts, the allure of Udaipur's vibrant festivals, such as Holi, continues to draw in tourists from both domestic and international locations. Foreign tourists typically opt for accommodations in the old city, while domestic tourists prefer resorts, contributing to increased guest occupancy during festivities.

Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, highlighted the growing trend of festival and event tourism, emphasizing tourists’ fascination with Udaipur's vibrant art and culture.

As everyone looks forward to the Gangaur Festival in April, people involved in tourism are feeling hopeful about keeping up Udaipur's tourism boom. The city's cultural richness and warm hospitality continue to attract visitors, suggesting that another great tourist season is on the way. 

3 Months Tourists Arrival in 2024

Month Domestic Tourists Foreign Tourists Total
January 189500 18431 207931
February 142300 21563 163863
March 146000 20634 166634
Total 477800 60628 538428


Year Domestic Tourists Foreign Tourists Total
2010 42259 17026 59285
2011 37996 19390 57386
2012 39551 21147 78533
2013 40520 21246 61766
2014 44136 20809 6495
2015 45109 19631 64740
2016 45971 23516 69487
2017 49874 23559 73406
2018 64284 26630 90914
2019 65762 24878 90640
2020 33210 341 33551
2021 50687 449 51136
2022 111250 2022 113272
2023 138000 14026 152026
2024 146000 20634 166634

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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