Sammed Shikhar Yatra – Special train on 29th September

Sammed Shikhar Yatra – Special train on 29th September

A special train will take Jain pilgrims from Udaipur to Sammed Shikhar.

Sammed Shikhar Yatra – Special train on 29th September

Around 1000 pilgrims of Sakal Jain Samaj will leave for Sammed Shikhar pilgrimage on 29th September from Udaipur at 2 p.m. by a special train. This special train will go to the Nirvana centre Sammed Shikhar where 20 out of 24 Tirthankars attained nirvana.

The pilgrims will receive a grand farewell based on traditions from the members of Sakal Jain Society at the railway station. Arrangements are being made at residence of all the pilgrims for the oncoming journey in which they wish to seek blessings from Jain saints and visit holy shrines.

Rajkumar Fattawat of Mahavir Yuva Manch Sansthan informed that this is the first time when the Jain pilgrims will travel to Kolkata by train for the pilgrimage. They will pay visit to Acharya Maha Shraman of Terahpanth Dharmsangh. Prior to this, Jain pilgrims have visited Sammed Shikhar in 2012 and also travelled to Nepal in 2015.

Schedule of train travel

The train will reach Sammed Shikhar on 1st October via Mathura. The route of the train is Udaipur-Agra-Mathura. Until the 3rd of Octobers, all will visit 20 Tirthankars. They will also attend the preaching session by Digamber Saint Muni Pratik Sagar. From here they will depart for Kolkata on 3rd October.

To worship Lord Mahavir

On 6th October, the pilgrims will leave Kolkata for Bodh Gaya. From here the next trip will be to Pavapuri, the nirvana centre of Lord Mahavir. From here they will move to Rajgiri, meditation centre of Mahavir ji and then head to his birth place in Kundalpur. On 9th October, the pilgrims will return to Udaipur.

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