Sanitisation of touch points at Udaipur airport

Sanitisation of touch points at Udaipur airport

Airport employees are taking great care to sanitise the touch points every now and then.
Sanitisation of touch points at Udaipur airport
The touch points include entry gate, railing, escalator handle, dust bins and the sitting arrangements.

Indian Airport Authority has issued directives for the sanitisation of touch points at the airport. As per the instructions, the touch points must be sanitised every now and then which means that every time the flights land and take off every point must be sanitised for safety purposes. 

The touch points include the entry gate, escalator handle, railing, sofas and chairs, dustbins and every point which is quite frequently in use.

Though administration has issued alert to the masses that travel must be avoided until extrermely necessary in the prevailing coronavirus fear, yet it has not affected the travels of most of the people. As per data received, March month witnessed more than 63000 passengers travelling via air. It is yet another point that the number of passengers has certainly reduced, people have not stopped travelling.

As informed by the airport authorities, the incoming passengers until 18th March were 33,618 and the outgoing were 29,174.

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