Singapore to Relax Visa Rules for Indians

Singapore to Relax Visa Rules for Indians 

To Hit its 1.5 Million Tourist Target


Singapore is gearing up to welcome over 1.5 million Indian tourists this year, with a focus on enhancing hospitality infrastructure and streamlining visa procedures, a senior tourism official revealed.

Before the pandemic, Singapore saw a significant influx of Indian tourists, with 1.4 million visitors in 2019. Despite challenges, the numbers bounced back to 1.1 million in 2023, signaling a resilient recovery.

In 2024, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) anticipates surpassing the 2019 figures, acknowledging the immense potential of the Indian market. While no specific target has been set, the STB remains optimistic about exceeding 1.5 million visitors.

To facilitate this influx, the STB is actively working on simplifying visa processes for Indian tourists. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, efforts are underway to ensure a seamless experience for travelers.

Singapore is not only focused on leisure tourism but also recognizes the importance of catering to business travellers. Both countries have witnessed growing trade ties and the flourishing Indian economy, further emphasizing the need for enhanced connectivity.

Infrastructure development remains a key priority, with Singapore adding 9,000 new hotel rooms to its existing inventory of approximately 72,000 rooms. This expansion aims to accommodate the increasing number of tourists and business visitors.

With these initiatives in place, Singapore is poised to strengthen its position as a premier destination for Indian travelers, fostering cultural exchange and economic collaboration between the two nations.


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