There is more to Rajasthan than just forts and palaces

There is more to Rajasthan than just forts and palaces

Rajasthan to be promoted as monsoon and adventure destination, said the officials from Rajasthan tourism.
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Let Rajasthan be remembered not only for its heritage and culture, forts and palaces and desert... 

...but also for Monsoon and Adventure tourism.

Rajasthan is known all over for the beautiful forts and palaces, for the golden desert, for heritage and culture. But are these the only things for which Rajasthan should be remembered?

The state is quite colourful in every sense. Basically Rajasthan state has more to offer than just the forts, monuments, palaces, fairs and the usual attractions that make a state important on the map of tourism.

The officials of Rajasthan tourism confirmed that Rajasthan will now be promoted as monsoon and adventure tourism destination.  Not many people know that Rajasthan has beautiful destinations that turn even more fascinating during monsoons. 2 such destinations are Udaipur and Banswara.

Udaipur has lush green surroundings that can turn heads during monsoons. Banswara has hilly regions and rivers that have much to offer for adventure. The Rajasthan tourism officials said that many people rush to Himachal and Uttarakhand to get adrenaline rush. They are not aware of the adventure activities in Rajasthan, hence the focus is on promoting Rajasthan state as the adventure tourism spot. Even as we head towards Jodhpur, Ranakpur falls on the way where people are known to visit the hills for trekking purposes. There are many more such destinations which are very appealing from adventure point of view.

The beauty of Rajasthan must be made public from adventure point of view as there is a special charisma in the air which cannot escape the senses of tourists, but the only point is to make the people aware of this fact. 

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