Udaipur-Ahmedabad broadgauge-Region's 2nd longest tunnel work at war-footing

Udaipur-Ahmedabad broadgauge-Region's 2nd longest tunnel work at war-footing

The broadgauge will connect Udaipur with South India.
Udaipur-Ahmedabad broadgauge-Region's 2nd longest tunnel work at war-footing

Intercity to run between Udaipur and Ahmedabad on daily basis. 

Some new trains to be added on this route.

The broadgauge work connecting Udaipur with Ahmedabad is being done on war footing. As per reports, the track is going to be 299 kilometres long. It is being carried out by both North and Western Railways and 70 percent of the work on this track has already been done. The project has attracted a budget of approximately 1215 crores. Interestingly the passengers will get to enjoy a feeling of paradise enroute. Tracks have been laid down from Udaipur to Kharwa. Final touches are yet to be given Kharwa onwards for 116 kms upto Dungarpur. 

The broadgauge project is going on since past 9 years. The route from Udaipur to Ahmedabad will cover 22 stations and will go through 701 bridges. The 299 km long track will have 3 tunnels, the longest one being 821 metres. 2 other tunnels will be 116 metres and 96 metres long. The longest bridge being constructed on this track is 183 metres. It will be 32 metres high. Pillars have been erected on both ends for the bridge and it is expected to complete in the next 5 months. The 821 metre long tunnel will be the 2nd longest tunnel after the 2.25 km long tunnel at Dausa-Gangapurcity rail project.

Another grand feature is that this broadgauge will connect Udaipur with South India directly via Gujarat, Maharashtra. Intercity will run on daily basis between Udaipur and Ahmedabad. Initially this track was a metre gauge with the train running at 45 kms per hour. It used to take 10 hours to and fro Ahmedabad. Now the distance is shortened by 5 hours since the train will run at a speed of 100 km/hr.

-The broadgauge track will prove to be advantageous for tourism sector as Udaipur witnesses a great number of tourists every year out of which Gujarati tourists hold a good majority. 
-Since Gujaratis come to Udaipur for the purpose of visiting Nathdwara followed by visiting Udaipur city for the beautiful lakes and other magnanimous tourist spots, this track will open up new options. Also a lot of tourists come to Udaipur via Ahmedabad, hence the importance of this route. 
-There will be a direct connection between Udaipur and Dungarpur. People coming to the city for the purpose of employment will find an affordable and safe means of transport. 

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