Udaipur Airport Slips to Second Place in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Udaipur Airport Slips to Second Place in Customer Satisfaction Survey

Udaipur Airport is alone in top 10 list from Rajasthan...

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In a recent Airport Customer Satisfaction Survey, Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur, renowned as the fourth most beautiful city globally, has slipped from its coveted number one position to second place. This decline comes after achieving a remarkable hat-trick of being ranked first in the last three surveys.

Overview of Udaipur Airport's Performance 

Despite consistently securing a spot in the top three for the past seven years, Udaipur Airport now finds itself at number two. Bhopal Airport, which claimed the top spot, showcased higher scores in specific survey rounds, raising questions about the comparative performance between the two airports.

Upgrades at Udaipur Airport

Previously, Udaipur Airport's ground floor housed two shops for handicrafts and tea-coffee, alongside a restaurant. However, recent renovations have introduced over 20 new shops on the first floor, including amenities like an electric massage parlour, additional seating, and four new restaurants, offering visitors a more diverse range of services. Additionally, the airport has expanded its lounge facilities, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Udaipur Airport's journey in the satisfaction survey has been noteworthy. It climbed from not being in the top 10 to securing a place in the top three and eventually claiming the number one position. Despite the recent setback, Airport Director Yogesh Nagaich assures that the management is fully prepared to regain the top spot, with ongoing construction works aimed at further improving facilities and amenities.

Customer Satisfaction Criteria

The Airport Customer Satisfaction Survey evaluates airports based on these parameters, including cleanliness, parking facilities, baggage delivery speed, restroom quality, check-in process, security measures, staff behaviour, availability of flight information screens, internet access, dining options, and overall airport ambiance. Airports excelling in these areas receive higher rankings in the survey. 

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