Udaipur reigns as India's premier destination for weddings

Udaipur reigns as India's premier destination for weddings

Udaipur on top position for wedding destination

Udaipur, renowned both nationally and internationally for hosting royal and destination weddings, has recently earned yet another prestigious title. The esteemed online travel portal, Holidify, has unveiled its list of the top 12 wedding destinations in the country for the current year. In this highly anticipated ranking, Udaipur has secured the coveted first position, solidifying its status as the premier wedding destination in India. Notably, three more cities within the state of Rajasthan have also earned well-deserved spots on this exclusive list.

Jaipur, known for its opulent palaces and rich cultural heritage, has been honored with the second position. Meanwhile, Jodhpur and the historic Neemrana Fort in Alwar have claimed the sixth and seventh spots, respectively, further highlighting Rajasthan's prominence as a favored wedding location. This recognition underscores the state's enduring appeal and the timeless charm it offers to couples seeking a truly enchanting wedding experience.

It is worth noting that Udaipur has garnered an impressive total of six awards this year, encompassing categories such as Romantic City, Best Location, and Women Solo Traveling. Deputy Director of Tourism Department Shikha Saxena has emphasized that Udaipur has enjoyed a long-standing reputation as a quintessential wedding destination. However, in recent times, the city has witnessed a notable surge in its popularity for hosting celebrity weddings, thus earning recognition on various prestigious platforms.

The city has evolved into a preferred choice for a wide range of celebratory events, including pre-wedding ceremonies, weddings, and grand party functions. This preference extends not only across the nation but also spans the globe, reflecting Udaipur's universal appeal as an enchanting and versatile destination for celebrations of all kinds. Udaipur's enduring charm and diverse offerings continue to attract individuals and couples from near and far, making it a top choice for creating cherished memories and unforgettable experiences.

The portal has showered high praise upon Udaipur's art, culture, and heritage in its survey. It highlights that the city's unique charm is attributed to its magnificent lakes and palaces. Weddings held in Lake City are akin to fairy tales come to life. The hotels in Udaipur excel in providing the most exquisite arrangements for wedding ceremonies. Within their confines, one can experience a glimpse of grandeur, opulence, and regality. These exceptional qualities firmly establish Udaipur as one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the country.


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