Udaipur private bus operators charging double rental rates

Udaipur private bus operators charging double rental rates

Operators exploiting bus demands... 

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Diwali brought about a surge in both tourists and job seekers arriving from other states to Udaipur. Prior to Diwali, the rental charges for private buses heading to Udaipur were already on the higher sides. However, post-Diwali, there has been a drastic increase of over 50% in the rental fees for private buses departing from the city. This surge is having a direct impact on the wallets of the individuals who travel through bus. The heightened cost of transportation is significantly affecting people's money and especially of the local populace.

Festive season has brought a significant increase in passenger traffic on buses, with both tourists and residents from the Mewar region coming home to celebrate the festival. Currently, the private bus operators have swiftly raised the rental charges. The steepest increases have been applied to buses operating on the Surat-Vadodara and Mumbai routes, with rents surging by over 50%. 

Meanwhile, buses traveling from Udaipur to Jaipur and Delhi have seen an increase of Rs 200-300 in their fares. This escalation is attributed to higher demand on this route, given the increased influx of trains and government buses. 

Non-AC Rates

Place Regular Day Festive Season
Surat Rs 800 Rs 1200-1500
Baroda Rs 800 Rs 1200-1500
Mumbai Rs 1500 Rs 2500
Jaipur Rs 500 Rs 700
Delhi Rs 1000 Rs 1200

AC Rates

Place Regular Day Festive Season
Surat Rs 1200 Rs 1600-2000
Baroda Rs 1200 Rs 1600-2000
Mumbai Rs 2000 Rs 3000
Jaipur Rs 600 Rs 800
Delhi Rs 1200 Rs 1500

Travel industry experts note that rental rates typically rise after Diwali, extending until Panchami. Subsequently, post-Panchami, as the number of tourists and outbound travelers declines, bus rentals begin to decrease. This trend is anticipated to normalize in a few days, returning to levels resembling typical days. 

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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