Udaipur buses not covering profitable routes making loss of transport

Udaipur buses not covering profitable routes making loss of transport

Udaipur bus services to Neemuch discontinued from 12 to 1 amidst transport changes...

Mobile App launched for Roadways bus bookings

The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation is expressing sorrow over the discontinuation of bus operations on important routes. Over the past five years, out of the 12 buses that used to operate on the Neemuch and Mandsaur routes in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh, the Roadways has discontinued 11 buses. The operation of just one bus has now become a source of joy for private operators.

Private Buses Operating In Numbers 

Previously, Roadways buses on this route operated seamlessly, contributing to revenue generation. However, private bus operators are now thriving in this area. Likewise, on the Jhadol-Kotra route, operations of 12 buses have come to a standstill to alleviate overload. Presently, due to a shortage of available resources, pickup and private buses are running overloaded. The government bus service is symbolic, with only one or two buses, and the higher fares are discouraging people from choosing it.

Buses Have Halted On Profitable Routes

Seven years ago, Udaipur had around seven hundred buses giving their services. However, as the shortage of buses became more pronounced, services were halted on profitable routes. Notably, even on the Neemuch route, the most lucrative one, bus operations were brought to a halt. This route, which used to witness the daily operation of eight buses, saw a significant change. 

The reduction in bus services on profitable routes reflects the challenges faced by the Udaipur transportation system. Many commuters and businesses dependent on these services are facing difficulty in travelling. 

In the past, Udaipur had four buses departing in the afternoon, stopping overnight, and returning to Udaipur early in the morning. However, the current scenario is different, with only one bus in operation, and it follows a revised schedule departing from the Udaipur depot instead of the previous Jhalawar schedule.

Similarly, Mandsaur used to have four bus services. One would depart in the morning, return in the evening, and two others would halt overnight, resuming their journey early in the morning. Unfortunately, all bus services on these routes have been discontinued. Additionally, there used to be an active bus service in Manasa, but it, too, has been discontinued. This shift in bus operations reflects changes in transportation services impacting the travel options for residents and commuters in these areas.

Five years ago, there were 12 to 13 buses plying on the Jhadol and Kotra route. These buses provided transportation to various locations, including Phalasiya, Nalwa, Dayan, Ambasa, Gagarwas, and even extending up to Vijainagar. At present, only a limited number of buses are operational on this route. However, their schedules sometimes face disruptions due to a shortage of buses.

Bus services on different routes from Udaipur, along with services from other depots, have been halted. However, these routes were already well-served by a substantial number of buses, so the discontinuation has not had a significant impact.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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