Udaipur welcomes 5 new buses that will connect regional routes

Udaipur welcomes 5 new buses that will connect regional routes

RSRTC has provided 5 new buses to Udaipur Depot

Mobile App launched for Roadways bus bookings

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has provided five new buses to the Udaipur depot. Out of these, 3 buses reached Udaipur on Thursday, while it is expected that the other 2 buses will arrive in the next two to three days. The new buses will operate on the Ahmedabad, Kotda, Nakoda, and Bhinmal routes, with one bus each. The route for one bus is not currently determined. With this addition, the number of buses at the Udaipur depot will increase from 84 to 89. Manager Hemant Sharma stated that the operation of the new buses will commence within the next 2 to 3 days. 

The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has given Udaipur depot a gift by adding five brand-new buses to its fleet. This move is set to enhance transportation services and connectivity in the region. Out of the five newly acquired buses, three have already made their way to Udaipur and are ready to provide their services. The remaining two buses are expected to arrive within the next two to three days, eagerly anticipated by both the RRTC and local commuters.

These buses are slated to operate on four key routes, serving the areas of Ahmedabad, Kotda, Nakoda, and Bhinmal, with one dedicated bus for each route. However, the specific route for one of the buses is yet to be determined, keeping transportation options flexible and adaptable to local needs. This latest addition will see the number of buses at the Udaipur depot surge from its current count of 84 to an impressive 89, a move that aims to alleviate the transportation demands of the growing population in the region.

Manager Hemant Sharma expressed his enthusiasm, noting that the new buses will be fully operational within the next 2 to 3 days, ushering in a new era of improved transportation services for Udaipur residents. The residents of Kotda will benefit significantly from these buses. Currently, there are no morning buses available from Kotda to the city. The new bus will depart from Kotda at 6:30 AM and arrive in Udaipur at 10:30 AM. On the return journey, it will leave Udaipur at 4:00 PM and reach Kotda at 7:30 PM, where it will stay overnight. Due to the absence of Roadways buses in Kotda, rural residents are compelled to travel in overloaded jeeps out of necessity.

The new bus service will also offer relief to travelers heading to Bhinmal, where there is currently no available bus service. It will depart from Udaipur at 6:00 AM in the morning. Previously, there used to be a bus service from Udaipur to the Sirohi depot, but it was discontinued in the meantime.

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