Diwali season sees surge in flight ticket prices

Diwali season sees surge in flight ticket prices

Travellers seek discounts on alternative booking websites

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If you haven't already purchased train or flight tickets for your journey back home during the festival season, you may encounter some challenges securing them at this point. The reason for this is that a significant number of travelers have already made their way home in anticipation of the upcoming festivities, resulting in limited seat availability. Due to the high demand and limited availability, the remaining tickets are often being resold at considerably higher prices, making it more expensive for those who delay their bookings. In some instances, individuals are even willing to pay premium fares to secure a seat on these popular routes.

In such a competitive ticket market, people are actively seeking out offers and discounts to help them save money on their travel expenses. It's not uncommon for travelers to explore alternative options, such as booking connecting or one-stop flights instead of direct flights, as this can sometimes offer cost-effective solutions. It is important to plan and book your tickets well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and potentially higher costs associated with the festive season travel.

Flight fares tend to increase due to the onset of the festive season in October. During this period, the demand for tickets rises, and this heightened demand typically continues until February. Consequently, airfares tend to surge as airlines try to capitalize on the increased demand. This period is characterized by a peak in demand within the civil aviation sector.

Following this peak season, there is a gradual decline in demand, and during the monsoon season, there is a substantial reduction in passenger interest. Consequently, airlines may lower their fares to attract travelers during this less popular period.

According to tourism entrepreneur Ashok Joshi, flight ticket prices may be temporarily elevated during the Diwali season due to increased demand. However, he suggests that travelers might find more affordable fares if they opt for one-way tickets and wait a few days, as prices could potentially decrease after the initial surge. Consequently, many people are turning to various websites that offer discounts to book their flights.

9 to 15 November Price of Flights

Route One-Way Price Round Trip Price
Udaipur-Delhi 5-10 thousand 8-10 thousand
Udaipur-Mumbai 4-6 thousand 12-17 thousand
Udaipur-Banglore 6-11 thousand 12-18 thousand
Udaipur-Surat 3-5 thousand 9-12 thousand
Udaipur-Hyderabad 6-8 thousand 12-15 thousand

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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