Udaipur welcomed number of tourists in January 2024

Udaipur welcomed number of tourists in January 2024

Udaipur emerges as top choice destination for tourists...

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As per recent reports it has been revealed that the picturesque city of Udaipur has solidified its position as a beloved destination among both domestic and international tourists. The data for January 2024 showcases an impressive influx of visitors, further solidifying Udaipur's status as a must-visit location on the global tourism map.

According to the statistics, 189,500 domestic tourists flocked to Udaipur in January alone, highlighting the city's enduring appeal among travellers from within the country. This significant number underscores the city's ability to captivate and enchant visitors with its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and serene lakes.

Furthermore, Udaipur also welcomed 18,431 visitors on Tourist, Employment, or Business visas, showcasing its allure to international travellers seeking both leisure and professional experiences. In total, 207,931 tourists arrived in January 2024. 

Tourists are undoubtedly drawn to Udaipur's iconic landmarks, which reflect the city's regal past and architectural grandeur. The vibrant local markets, delectable cuisine and warm hospitality further contributes to the overall position of Udaipur.

Local businesses and the tourism industry, in general, are celebrating this surge in visitors, recognizing the positive impact on the city's economy. The increased footfall not only benefits the hospitality sector but also encourages further investments in infrastructure and amenities, ensuring an even more enriching experience for future travellers.

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