Udaipur's Menar won Best Tourism Village Competition

Udaipur's Menar won Best Tourism Village Competition

Best Rural Homestay search begins by Central Ministry of Tourism...

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"Vocal for Local"

The Central Ministry of Tourism has taken a step towards boosting rural tourism by organizing the Best Tourism Village competition. Encouraged by the positive response, the Ministry is gearing up to identify the Best Homestay as part of this initiative. Homestays present a unique avenue for promoting rural tourism. They provide tourists with an up-close opportunity to explore the rich cultural tapestry, lifestyle, cuisine, traditions, attire, and local customs of the country. By choosing homestays, tourists can immerse themselves in the authentic experiences offered by rural communities.

This initiative goes beyond tourism; it has the potential to fortify the economy of rural regions. As rural tourism flourishes, it opens up doors to alternative and sustainable development opportunities. The Best Tourism Village competition is not just a celebration of picturesque landscapes but also a catalyst for economic empowerment and cultural exchange in rural areas. 

Menar Village of Udaipur 

On World Tourism Day, the Ministry of Tourism recognized outstanding contributions to rural tourism through the Best Tourism Village competition. Menar Village, renowned as Bird Village in Udaipur district, received the prestigious Best Village Tourism Award in the Silver category. The award was presented by senior officials of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, to Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Pramod Kumar.

Best Tourism Village Competition in 35 Villages across India

Notably, the Best Tourism Village competition acknowledged and celebrated the efforts of 35 villages across the country. Among them, 5 villages were honored with the Gold Medal, 10 with the Silver Medal, and 20 villages with the Bronze Medal, highlighting their significant roles in promoting and enhancing rural tourism. The Best Rural Homestay 2024 competition is set to unfold across three levels: district, state, and national. This multi-phase competition aims to establish a robust platform for promoting rural homestays. 

At each level, the competition will identify and celebrate the top five homestays across various categories. These outstanding homestays will be officially recognized as India's best rural homestays. This initiative not only encourages healthy competition but also highlights and rewards excellence in providing unique and authentic rural experiences to visitors.

Homestays offer tourists a close-up experience of the village's unique lifestyle, coupled with standard and authentic local amenities. The competition is structured across three levels: district, state, and national. Starting from November 15, 2023, the application process for this competition will start. The initiative seeks to offer visitors an intimate exploration of the distinctive village life, complemented by genuine and standard local facilities. 

In this process, you must visit www.rural.tourism.gov to register your homestay. Following that, you'll need to complete and submit the form.

What is Rural Tourism?

Rural tourism is an immersive experience set in non-urban landscapes, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of art, culture, heritage, and daily life in rural areas. Activities within this context encompass a diverse array of products and services connected to nature and agriculture, spanning farming, fishery, crafts, and various facets of rural living.

This form of tourism primarily targets regions characterized by low population density, landscapes dominated by agriculture and forestry, traditional social structures, rural lifestyles, heritage, and natural beauty. India, with a significant portion of its land being rural and hosting a large population, presents a prime canvas for the flourishing of rural tourism.

The villages of India offer a window into the authentic essence of the country, making rural tourism a potent catalyst for economic growth and societal transformation. Its potential lies not only in job creation and business opportunities but also in the revival of local art and crafts. Aligned with the vision of "Atmanirbhar Bharat" (Self-reliant India) and the advocacy for "Vocal for Local," rural tourism emerges as a dynamic force fostering both economic prosperity and cultural preservation.


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