Udaipur Police launches WhatsApp Helpline service – 9413012299

Udaipur Police launches WhatsApp Helpline service – 9413012299

Udaipur Police launches inhouse force deployment software, Police Helpline WhatsApp and Public and Tourist HelpCard..Read On...

Udaipur Police launches WhatsApp Helpline service – 9413012299

Inspector General of Police – Udaipur Range, Vishal Bansal, informed media about “Intizaam” software, which is one of the innovations done by Udaipur Police, apart from the Udaipur Police WhatsApp Helpline (9413012299) and the Resident/Tourist Help card. These three services have been initiated by the Udaipur Police to help residents and tourists.

In his address to the media, Vishal said that during times of precarious law and order situations, as well as during deployment of heavy police force, the Police is in a dilemma on deployment of police staff as well as allotment of duties and assignment of reporting line. Till date, manual systems such as Roll-calls were being used and policemen were briefed about their duties one to one. This has been a legacy and time consuming process. Even after such manual exercises, at times a policeman would not be updated on his role, duties or reporting lines.

To overcome this problem, a simple software was envisaged by Udaipur SP Kunwar Rasthradeep, A team consisting of Paras Jain, ASP Udaipur (City) and Manas Trivedi, a software engineer, was constituted under the supervision and guidance of Kunwar Rashtradeep.

Their efforts resulted in a simple software, named “Intizaam” that processed allotment of duties and dissemination of information across the force. As per information provided by IG, once duty allotments are finalised, each member of the force is sent an SMS, whereby their duties, locations and reporting authority are advised. This results in tremendous time saving, immediate call to action in times of adverse conditions, and cross connectivity and mutual coordination amidst the Police force. The MIS and coordination will also be regularly monitored.

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Udaipur Police launches WhatsApp Helpline service – 9413012299

IG Vishal Bansal also informed that the second initiative by the Udaipur Police has been the Udaipur Police Helpline Number 9413012299. This number will be displayed at all entry points to the city and at all tourist locations. Restaurants, Hotels and other public places will also have this number displayed. Residents and tourists can save this number and communicate with the Police department at times of need or distress. This mode of communication will be managed and monitored by the office of ASP Paras Jain.

In addition to the Police WhatsApp helpline, SP Kunwar Rashtradeep has also designed a Help Card, which will be made available at all locations of public and toursit interest in the city, will be available at all entry points to the city, viz. Railway Station, Airport, Bus Stand,etc. All hotels and restaurants will also maintain inventory of these cards, so that they can be disseminated among those that can benefit from this card.

Udaipur Police launches WhatsApp Helpline service – 9413012299

Collector, Bishnu Charan Mallick, in his address to the media, informed about the availability of the Android App, “C-Vigil“, which allows anonymous reporting of violation of code of conduct during the election season, which is from now till the Rajasthan Assembly elections. This is also valid in whichever window the Model Code of Conduct is applicable, i.e. even during the Lok Sabha elections next year. Residents are requested to download the C-Vigil app from Google Play Store. This App was launched way back in July 2018 by the Election Commission, which allows the user to upload automatic geotagged information in the form of video or photograph of any activity which is direct violation of the Model Code of Conduct during elections, viz. money being distributed, hate speeches, etc. This App will work only during the Model Code of Conduct window and will hide the identiy of the sender so as to encourage information against those in power without subsequent backlash risks.

Other applicable points of contact for those who cannot download the App or are not willing to download…can connect with:

  • District Electoral Officer (Collector) Udaipur Control Room: 0294-2414620 / 18001806473 (Toll Free)
  • State Election Department (Jaipur): 1950 (Toll Free)
  • Police Control Room, Udaipur: 100 / 0294-2414600
  • Police WhatsApp Helpline: 9413012299
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