Udaipur’s Purohito Ka Talab gaining popularity as top tourist hotspot

Udaipur’s Purohito Ka Talab gaining popularity as top tourist hotspot

Two parks around Amberi area are still not gaining tourists...

Purohito Ka Talab
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Tourists are increasingly drawn to "Purohito Ka Talab" in comparison to the other locations around the Forest Department's Amberi area and its surroundings. However, there seems to be limited interest from tourists in the Mewar Biological Park and Nagar Van Udyan. 

The Forest Department has taken proactive measures to enhance the appeal of the Amberi area, specifically around Chirwa Ka Ghata. They have developed two parks and the notable "Purohiton ka Talab" to attract visitors and promote tourism in the region. This strategic initiative aims to showcase the natural beauty and cultural significance of Amberi, providing tourists with diverse attractions to explore and enjoy.

Situated approximately 12 kilometers from Udaipur city, Purohito ka Talab is embraced by lush green mountains. Often referred to as 'Mini Jaisamand,' the lake offers a picturesque setting for visitors to enjoy.Within the enchanting Nagar Van Udhyan, commonly known as the Valley of Flowers, the Forest Department has introduced exciting activities. These include sky cycling, wall climbing, and a swing reminiscent of Bali's famous Swing. The lush surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for these thrilling experiences.

Mewar Biodiversity Park

Year Touists Touists Arrived
2018 46254 2125635
2019 28545 1232490
2020 12278 587990
2021 17807 909450
2022 15791 775400
2023 12735 620320

Nagar Van Udhyan (Valley of Flowers)

Year Touists Tourists Arrived
2018 28630 2147440
2019 44863 2490120
2020 22852 1565980
2021 39650 3505150
2022 35541 3081440
2023 26137 1968010

Despite these efforts, these places are failing to attract tourists. Throughout the year, the number of visitors to these locations, excluding the "Purohito Ka Talab" pond, is not reaching the 50,000 mark. The main reason behind this issue is the inadequate promotion and publicity of these areas. To enhance tourism, it is crucial to implement effective marketing strategies that showcase the unique attractions and cultural significance of these places. Improving promotional efforts can significantly boost the appeal of these destinations and attract a larger number of tourists.

Tourists Footfall at Purohito Ka Talab

Year Touists Touists Arrived
2017 5081 62410
2018 29582 343640
2019 34510 500180
2020 30909 567110
2021 51208 1305510
2022 50098 3035880
2023 37655 2297950

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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