Hotel and resort occupancy skyrockets, surpassing 40% on regular weekends

Hotel and resort occupancy skyrockets, surpassing 40% on regular weekends

Within the city, the hotels are operating at 70% occupancy

Udaipur City

As the long weekend approaches with the onset of the winter season in September, all 71,540 hotels around Udaipur city are reporting full occupancy. Within the city, the hotels are operating at 70% occupancy, reflecting the significant influx of tourists to Udaipur, renowned as the city of lakes. Following the conclusion of the COVID-19 restrictions, the tourist season gained momentum, drawing in a considerable number of visitors. Contrastingly, during regular weekends, the hotel occupancy ranges from 30% to 40%, underscoring the heightened interest in the current scenario. Notably, tourists now enjoy an extended holiday, encompassing both Saturday, Sunday, and the 15 of August, celebrated as Independence Day. This alignment of holidays acts as an added incentive for tourists to explore and experience the charms of Udaipur.

Hotels in Kumbhalgarh are commanding even higher prices, and reservations are already at full capacity. Hotel rates have witnessed an increment of 20% to 30%. Shikha Saxena, the Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, has also affirmed that the lake city has witnessed a substantial influx of tourists during this period.

Based on the data presented by the Udaipur airport administration, there has been a significant upsurge in both passenger numbers and flight frequency at Maharana Pratap Airport. In July 2023, the total count of individuals traveling via flights reached 1,62,540. In the previous month of June, this figure stood at 1,18,660. This demonstrates a marked rise of around 4,388 passengers between June and July. The heightened flight activity at Udaipur airport is anticipated to have a favorable effect on the influx of tourists to the city.

Both RTDC and Anand Bhawan hotels are currently fully booked. On Sunday, the 13th of August, 2023, the old city areas of Udaipur experienced significant traffic congestion. Particularly, the regions around Gangaur Ghat and Ambrai Ghat were densely populated with tourists. Rakesh Chowdhary, the secretary of the Hotel Institute of Southern Rajasthan, mentioned that aside from locals, tourists from Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra are also visiting. Consequently, the hotels in the old city area are operating at full capacity, offering packages ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 for stays lasting three to four days.


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