Udaipur Roadways earnings reached Rs 16 Lakh on November 9-10

Udaipur Roadways earnings reached Rs 16 Lakh on November 9-10

The income of the roadways experienced a daily increase during festive season...

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During the festive season, the income of the roadways experienced a daily increase from 2 to 3 lakh rupees, attributed to the return of migrants from various cities and states. In the initial five days of November, preceding Diwali, the average revenue amounted to Rs 12.92 lakh. Notably, this figure surpassed the record set on November 9 and 10, reaching an impressive 16 lakh rupees.

However, on November 11 and 12, corresponding to the Diwali celebration, there was a decline in travelers, resulting in the stabilization of the figure. During these two days, the average revenue settled at Rs 14.53 lakh, indicating a slight decrease compared to the peak recorded earlier in the month.

As per municipal management reports, the revenue graph has witnessed a notable decline owing to the reduced passenger load post the Diwali holidays. Specifically, on November 13, daily income plummeted to a mere Rs 5.41 lakh. 

Contrastingly, on November 14, there was a resurgence, with earnings climbing to Rs 9 lakh. During this two-day period, as the passenger load decreased, there was a corresponding reduction in bus operations.

Buses from the depot typically travel an average distance of 36 thousand kilometers daily. However, during the two days of November 13 and 14, the buses covered a relatively modest 40 thousand kilometers. In the first 14 days of November, buses covered 4.82 lakh kilometers, slightly below the targeted 5.08 lakh kilometers. The revenue goal for these 14 days in November was set at Rs 2.14 crore, but earnings so far have reached only Rs 1.86 crore.

Bharat Giri, a traffic inspector for the roadways, mentioned that the funds for the discounts provided to women will be allocated separately.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


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