Udaipur Roadways Falls Behind: Rajasthan Roadways GPS Installation Delayed

Udaipur Roadways Falls Behind: Rajasthan Roadways GPS Installation Delayed

The plan was to install GPS systems in 2000 buses

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The Rajasthan Roadways is set to undergo a technological transformation with the installation of GPS systems in 2000 buses, aimed at providing passengers with real-time bus tracking and enhancing operational efficiency. However, progress has been sluggish, with no buses at the Udaipur depot equipped with GPS as of now, despite a government directive to complete the task by April.

Current Status

Out of the total 2800 buses in the state's Roadways, the plan was to install GPS systems in 2000 buses by the end of April. However, the installation process is still underway, causing delays in implementing the much-anticipated service for passengers.

Purpose of GPS Installation

The primary objective behind the installation of GPS systems is to facilitate passengers in tracking the location of buses through an online app. Additionally, municipal officials will be able to monitor the movement of buses, ensuring better oversight and management of the public transport system.

Benefits for Passengers

Once the GPS systems are fully operational, passengers will have access to crucial information such as the current location of buses, estimated arrival times at bus stands, and the routes being taken. This will enable them to plan their journeys more efficiently, reducing waiting times and improving overall travel experience.

Monitoring Bus Speeds

Furthermore, the GPS systems will enable officials to monitor bus speeds in real-time. This feature will not only help in ensuring compliance with speed limits but also contribute to fuel savings by promoting optimal driving practices. Additionally, it will serve as a tool for assessing driver performance and enhancing safety on the roads.

While the installation of GPS systems in Rajasthan Roadways buses holds great promise for improving passenger experience and operational efficiency, the delay in implementation highlights the need for expedited efforts to meet the April deadline. Once fully operational, the system is expected to revolutionize public transport services in the state, ushering in a new era of convenience and accountability.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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