Udaipur to Delhi and Ahmedabad flight schedule changed

Udaipur to Delhi and Ahmedabad flight schedule changed 

Flight schedule of Alliance Air...


Starting from Thursday, there is a schedule change for flights operating on the Udaipur-Delhi and Udaipur-Ahmedabad routes from Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur. Previously arriving in the evening, these flights will now operate in the morning. The adjustments have been implemented in the flight schedule of Alliance Air.

According to Ashok Joshi, a prominent figure in the tourism industry, Alliance Air's flight number Udaipur-Delhi, known as 91695, will now take off from Delhi at 9:30 AM, reaching Udaipur at 11:15 AM. This alteration aims to provide passengers with a modified and potentially more convenient travel itinerary.

On the Udaipur to Ahmedabad route, the flight is scheduled to depart at 11:40 AM, with an anticipated arrival in Ahmedabad at 12:40 PM. Subsequently, the return journey will commence from Ahmedabad at 1:05 PM, touching down in Udaipur at 2:00 PM. For the return leg from Udaipur, the flight is set to depart around 2:25 PM and is expected to reach Delhi at 4:15 PM. These schedule adjustments aim to enhance the travel experience for passengers on this route.

The flights are scheduled to operate four days a week, specifically on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, on Wednesdays, the flight will originate from Delhi during the day, with an arrival in Udaipur around 3:00 PM. Subsequently, the flight will depart from Udaipur at 3:25 PM, making its way to Ahmedabad and reaching there by 4:25 PM. The return journey from Ahmedabad is set to depart at 4:50 PM, with an expected arrival in Udaipur at 5:45 PM.

Departing from Udaipur at 6:10 PM, the flight will then head to Delhi, reaching its destination at 8:00 PM in the evening. These schedule details offer a comprehensive overview of the weekly flight operations on this route, catering to the convenience of travelers.

Changed Schedule 

Route Departure Time Arrival Time Days
Delhi-Udaipur Morning 9:30 Morning 11:15 Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Udaipur-Ahmedabad Morning 11:40 Morning 12:40 Same 
Ahmedabad-Udaipur Afternoon 1:05 Afternoon 2:00 Same
Udaipur-Delhi Afternoon 2:25 Afternoon 4:15 Same
Delhi-Udaipur Afternoon 1:15 Afternoon 3:00 Wednesday
Udaipur-Ahmedabad Afternoon 3:25 Afternoon 4:25 Wednesday
Ahmedabad-Udaipur Evening 4:50 Evening 5:45 Wednesday
Udaipur-Delhi Evening 6:10 Night 8:00 Wednesday

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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