Roadways: Udaipur to Get 50 Electric Buses

Roadways: Udaipur to Get 50 Electric Buses 

Udaipur Municipal Corporation along with District Administration are planning locations for e-charging stations along with bus routes 

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500 E-Buses are Allocated Statewide Under the Prime Minister's E-Bus Scheme

Udaipur will receive 50 electric buses out of the 500 allocated statewide under the Prime Minister's e-Bus scheme. Currently, the city operates 24 conventional buses, and the addition of these electric vehicles will increase the fleet to 74.

Challenge In Operating E-Buses

However, the city faces challenges with narrow roads and ongoing traffic congestion issues. Navigating the new electric buses through heavy traffic remains a concern, prompting consideration of elevated roads or alternative routes for smoother operations.

To support the e-Bus initiative, Udaipur Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with the district administration, is planning designated locations for e-charging stations along with bus routes. 

The Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) is also aiding in securing land for a new bus depot. Tenders will soon be issued by the central government for the procurement of these buses, followed by detailed operational plans.

Extended Bus Connectivity

The recent announcement by the UDA has expanded bus connectivity to 136 villages located within a 30 to 35-kilometer radius of Udaipur. Most of these villages currently do not have bus services, which has been a significant challenge for many residents commuting to the city daily. The introduction of these bus services is expected to directly benefit the public by potentially reducing reliance on diesel-operated autos and tempos in the city. 

Presently, Udaipur operates 24 buses under its city transport system, which is scheduled to continue until 2028. Operations are managed through contracted firms, with fares set by the government based on predefined rates, ensuring fair compensation for kilometers travelled.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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