Roadways: Udaipur to Get 50 New Buses Under Government’s Bus Scheme

Roadways: Udaipur to Get 50 New Buses Under Government’s Bus Scheme

Government's Electric Bus Scheme to Enhance Transportation Infrastructure Across Rajasthan...


Udaipur Roadways: Under the Prime Minister's Electric Bus Scheme, significant strides are being made to increase transportation infrastructure in Rajasthan. Eight cities, including Udaipur and Jaipur, are set to benefit from the initiative, receiving a total of 500 E-buses. While Jaipur will receive the highest allocation of 150 buses, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Ajmer, Bikaner, Alwar, and Bhilwara will each be provided with 50 buses. The process for these buses has already commenced at the grassroots level.

Impact in Udaipur

The deployment of 50 e-buses in Udaipur is expected to significantly benefit both residents and tourists. Currently, with 24 diesel buses operational, approximately 15,000 people commute daily. With the addition of these e-buses, the total number of buses in operation will reach 74, providing transportation to an estimated 55,000 individuals daily. Additionally, the transition to electric buses will contribute to reducing noise pollution and traffic congestion, further improving the city's environmental quality.

Future Plans for Udaipur

CEO of Udaipur City Transport Services Limited (UCTSL) and Municipal Commissioner Ram Prakash disclosed plans to establish a new pollution-free bus depot for the 50 e-buses. With financial assistance from the central and state governments, Udaipur has requested land from the UDA for this purpose. Once allocated, efforts will commence to develop the depot and implement electrification measures.

Current Bus Operations

Presently, 24 diesel-operated city buses traverse seven main routes in Udaipur from 6:10 in the morning until 7:50 in the evening. These buses cater to an average daily passenger load of 15,000. Post the incorporation of 50 e-buses, plans are underway to extend bus operations to urban, suburban, and peripheral areas, addressing the increasing demand on routes such as Hiran Magri suburban area, Bhuvana, Badgaon, Pratap Nagar, and Ubeswarji Marg.

Expansion Plans

Furthermore, the central government has initiated a tender for the purchase of 3132 buses for other states alongside the 500 designated for Rajasthan. Initially slated for opening by April 15, the tender process has been postponed to June due to the Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha elections. Upon completion, these buses will be allocated to respective municipal corporations by October.

Tourism Enhancement

In a bid to enhance transportation facilities for tourists, a strategic plan is being devised. Commissioner Ram Prakash aims to reserve separate e-buses for tourist excursions, aiming to provide a lasting solution to transportation-related issues for tourists.


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