Udaipur to Resume Haridwar Bus Service Soon

Udaipur to Resume Haridwar Bus Service Soon

Udaipur to Receive New BS-6 Standard Buses...

Bus for Ayodhya

Udaipur is set to improve its transportation network with the introduction of 10 new contracted buses. These buses, compliant with BS-6 standards, will cater to long routes, including the resumption of the bus service to Haridwar.

Presently, Udaipur operates 62 buses under the Roadways, 14 are contracted buses. Following the recent announcement to deploy contracted buses across various depots, some have already been deployed, with expectations high for Udaipur to receive its share soon.

While Udaipur currently relies on 76 buses adhering to BS-4 standards, their entry into Delhi is prohibited due to environmental concerns. In contrast, the BS-6 buses are deemed more eco-friendly, aligning with Roadways management's directives for upcoming contracted buses.

The new buses will have a simple layout

Three seats on one side and two on the other. This setup will make it easier for the buses to travel smoothly between Delhi and Haridwar, improving connections between cities.

Over the past eight years, Udaipur's bus fleet has dwindled from approximately 135 buses to just 76. Despite ongoing retirements of older buses, there remains a pressing need for corporation buses to maintain efficient services across the depot's various routes.

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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