Udaipur Tourism: Tourism Thrives in Udaipur Despite Off-Season

Udaipur Tourism: Tourism Thrives in Udaipur Despite Off-Season

This trend has been observed since the beginning of the year

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Tourism in Udaipur continues to flourish even during the off-season, with a significant influx of tourists choosing to visit the city, particularly in April. Despite the summer heat, Udaipur remains a preferred destination for travellers, resulting in a consistent flow of tourists exceeding 100,000 in April alone. This trend has been observed since the beginning of the year, with Lakecity attracting over 100,000 domestic and foreign tourists month after month.

According to recent data released by the tourism department, the month of April welcomed 1,02,509 domestic and foreign tourists. The figures reveal a robust interest in the city's cultural and scenic attractions among both local and international visitors.

In April, domestic tourism notably contributed to the overall tourist footfall, with 94,000 domestic tourists. Concurrently, the number of foreign tourists recorded at 8,509. Comparatively, March witnessed a higher influx of tourists, with approximately 1,46,000 domestic tourists and 20,634 foreign tourists visiting the city.

Despite the slight decrease in tourist arrivals compared to the previous month, Udaipur continues to maintain its appeal as a tourist hotspot. The decline in tourist numbers in April 2024, with 7,637 fewer arrivals than March, may be attributed to various factors, including seasonal variations and changing travel preferences.

Looking back to April 2023, Udaipur saw 123,654 tourists arriving in the city. However, there was a notable decrease of 21,145 tourists compared to the previous year, indicating fluctuations in tourist traffic over time.

Overall, Udaipur's Lakeside remains a sought-after destination for travelers, drawing both domestic and international tourists throughout the year, showcasing the enduring charm and allure of this picturesque city.

Year Domestic Tourists International Tourists
2024 94000 8509
2023 116900 6754
2022 84300 2084
2021 35608 163
2020 00 41
2019 51605 11969
2018 50020 12702
2017 48603 12109
2016 47520 10673
2015 45954 10137
2014 43005 11892
2013 37273 11529
2012 36757 12087
2011 35629 11873
2010 43461 9297

Source: Rajasthan Patrika

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