Udaipur-Delhi air fare creates a dent on pockets

Udaipur-Delhi air fare creates a dent on pockets

The itch of air fare hike for Udaipur to Delhi is unbearable.

Udaipur-Delhi air fare creates a dent on pockets

The financial crunch that has landed on Jet Airways has grounded a number of flights. With Jet Airways not operating on a number of sectors, fares have gone high for certain specific air routes. The biggest trouble has landed on Udaipur as the passengers flying to Delhi are forced to face a dent in their pockets.

Shockingly, the air fare for Delhi flights from Udaipur has gone unbearably high. The graph of this fare hike shows a difference of 400 percent and this certainly is  as unbearable as the rising temperatures. This summer’s temperature rise and fare hike have made lives unbearable for public. Flights to Delhi that would normally cost around 5500 rupees have suddenly gone to 25000 rupees. 4 of Jet Airways flights stopped operating from Udaipur as Jet Airways landed into this severe economical crisis. The fares are likely to be anywhere between 10000 to 15000 rupees if the financial situation does not improve in the near future.

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Jet has stopped operating on most of the important routes. Other airlines are experiencing heavy traffic and seats are getting full which also indicates that if other airlines do not increase their flights, the tariff for Mumbai may also see a gross hike. Isn’t it a surprise that Bengaluru which is much farther than Delhi has less air fare than Delhi now!!

Udaipur has a lot of traffic flying abroad and most of them take connecting flights from Delhi. With the close down of Jet Airways and fare hikes, people can be seen scratching their heads while planning their air trips to Delhi. Is this itch beyond repair?? DGCA is planning to increase the number of aircrafts and talks are on for this with other airlines.

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