UTS on Mobile App: Udaipur Railway Ticket Booking Across Platforms

UTS on Mobile App: Udaipur Railway Ticket Booking Across Platforms

Udaipur Railway Administration Expands Online Ticket Booking Options

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The Udaipur Railway Administration has made significant updates to its ticket booking policies, offering greater convenience to passengers. In a recent announcement on May 15, 2024, it was disclosed by Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway Captain Shashi Kiran that the 20 km radius limit for booking general tickets online has been removed. This means that passengers can now book general tickets for general category trains from any location, without being constrained by geographical restrictions.

Furthermore, the Udaipur Railway Administration has introduced new provisions for booking tickets through the UTS on Mobile app. Passengers can now conveniently purchase both general and platform tickets using the mobile application, irrespective of their location. However, for passengers present at railway stations, purchasing tickets from the ticket window remains mandatory.

Previously, the UTS on Mobile app only allowed ticket bookings within a 20-kilometer radius. Beyond this limit, passengers had to resort to traditional ticketing methods. With the removal of this restriction, passengers can now effortlessly generate paperless general and platform tickets on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical tickets and saving paper resources in the process.

This initiative not only enhances the ease of ticket booking but also addresses concerns related to carrying cash, as transactions can now be conducted digitally through the app. The move signifies a step towards modernizing ticketing processes and improving the overall travel experience for railway passengers.

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