Misleading directional signs are causing confusion at National Highway

Misleading directional signs are causing confusion at National Highway 

Tourists heading to Gujarat is facing problems...

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The toll-free Debari-Kaya bypass, implemented since last October, has effectively alleviated traffic congestion in the Debari area. This positive development has undoubtedly eased the commuting experience for locals and regular travellers. However, an issue has arisen for tourists navigating through this route. The National Highway seems to be causing confusion among them. Specifically, the directional sign for the Ahmedabad route is positioned towards Chittorgarh, leading drivers to head in the wrong direction.

This misplacement of signage has implications for the smooth flow of traffic and the overall experience of those relying on the National Highway. It is essential to address this matter promptly to ensure the convenience and clarity for all travellers passing through this route.

Following the successful completion of the Udaipur Green Field Bypass project spanning from Debari to Kaya, attention has now turned to the enhancement of the Debari Greater Junction. Notably, directional signs have been strategically placed at this junction to assist and direct travellers on their way to Chittorgarh, Pindwara, and Ahmedabad.

These directional signs serve as a clear guide for travellers, indicating the appropriate route to take for their journey to these destinations. The thoughtful placement of these signs is aimed at ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for those navigating through the Debari Greater Junction. This development is part of ongoing efforts to improve infrastructure and facilitate efficient travel in the region.

Prior to reaching the Debari Greater Junction, the signage presented a confusion. It showed Ahmedabad and Chittorgarh in the same direction with a single arrow. Unfortunately, for travellers on the Chittorgarh route, the arrow pointing towards Ahmedabad was inaccurately depicted. Specifically, for individuals in Udaipur city intending to travel to Ahmedabad via this bypass, the correct course involves taking a right turn and ascending. 

While the arrow correctly points to Chittorgarh and Pindwara, it inaccurately indicates the direction for Ahmedabad. The route to Ahmedabad from Udaipur is more direct, and the substantial influx of Gujarati tourists in this area results in a relatively higher number of vehicles heading towards Ahmedabad.

Since the introduction of this bypass, numerous commuters and Gujarati tourists have chosen this route to reach Ahmedabad. Unfortunately, the misleading arrow has caused confusion for some, resulting in instances where they either go off course or have to backtrack after moving forward.

Rajarajeshwar Jain, the secretary of the Udaipur Petroleum Dealers Association, highlighted a concern at the Debari Greater Circle. While the sign indicating Pindwara is accurately placed, confusion arises from the signs for Ahmedabad and Chittorgarh, both pointing in the same direction (straight ahead). Jain emphasizes the need to turn right to reach Ahmedabad. Unfortunately, drivers, misled by these signs, end up mistakenly heading towards the Chittorgarh route. 

He highlighted that the road construction had been incomplete previously, and the placement of these boards became a matter of objection only when he brought it to attention. Jain emphasized the urgent need for correcting the arrow on the directional sign. National Highway officials have acknowledged the receipt of these complaints and have assured a prompt rectification of the directional signs. 

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